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Top 3 Reasons to Hire an eCommerce SEO Agency

Hire an eCommerce SEO agency provides analytics tracking services to help you understand your website’s performance. Analytics tracking goes beyond the basic numbers to provide insights beyond raw sales. This service helps you understand where your customers are buying from and how they are buying products. Analytics tracking services give you a slick dashboard that is easy to use without the need for tech knowledge. They also provide insights beyond raw numbers, letting you understand where and when your audience is buying from.


The Regis eCommerce SEO agency has been in business since 2008. While many agencies only employ one person to begin with, today they boast more than 90 employees. The agency has a reputation for delivering results, and their services include competitive research, on-page optimization, content marketing, and national and enterprise SEO. Additionally, they offer PPC management, Amazon digital marketing, and engagement. In fact, many of their clients have become recurring revenue streams.

The Regis team strives to give clients organic, sustainable, and profitable growth. The agency’s unique strategy incorporates special methods and tactics to increase a company’s online footprint and revenue level. The agency has won several awards and has been recognized by numerous industry experts for its expertise in this area. The team works with clients of all sizes, and each one benefits from its flexibility and dedication. For more information, visit


A USRankers based eCommerce SEO agency, USRankers has been improving client growth for over 20 years. The company has been certified by Google, Yext, and SEN. The agency has over 100 5-Star reviews on Google and has achieved 65 certifications in Google, Yext, and SEN. Josh Holloway recently joined the USRankers team as a Senior SEO. He previously worked for a leading digital agency in Indiana and is excited to expand his career to the USRankers area.

Founded in the 90’s, USRankers has a team of renowned experts. They offer services ranging from web design and SEO to cloud solutions. With more than 880 clients, USRankers has earned many industry-specific awards. Their team specializes in local SEO, eCommerce SEO, and marketing. Additionally, the company also offers reputation management and marketing on social media. In addition to providing a full suite of SEO services, USRankers also offers website architecture, web design and development, advertising management, and social media marketing.

Regis Agency

A progressive and productive internet marketing company, Regis Agency has the skill to help your brand gain an edge over its competitors. Its internet marketing professionals enjoy solving problems and coming up with innovative ways to interface with your target market online. Their SEO mavens employ multiple search engine optimization strategies to give your brand exemplary online visibility. This in turn, increases awareness of your brand and sets the conversion process in motion. In this technological age, it’s critical to make sure that your brand is seen by as many potential customers as possible.

The second phase of eCommerce SEO involves building links and backlinks. Backlinks are important because they tell search engines that pages on a website have been linked to by another website. Search engines see these links as a vote of confidence from a third party. But in order to gain rankings, the destination pages must be relevant to the keywords and products on the site. Hence, it’s imperative to use links from authoritative sites.


If you are looking for a high-quality and want to hire an eCommerce SEO agency, look no further. Regis Agency is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency founded in 2012 in Lindon, Utah. They focus on creating and implementing results-driven marketing strategies for a variety of industries. Their services span the full range of online marketing strategies, including paid search, eCommerce, analytics, and lifecycle marketing. Listed below are the top three reasons to hire a Regis Agency.

This Utah-based company specializes in digital marketing and SEO services for small to mid-sized businesses. Their expertise includes paid advertising, analytics, and landing page design. Clients include Mitio and Excedr. These clients were able to improve their conversion rate and increase their online sales as a result of the Regis Agency strategy. A few of their most recent projects include improving a company’s website design and testing different color options for CTAs.

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