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What to Expect From a Technical SEO Agency

A technical SEO agency will provide an array of technical services to boost the ranking of your website in search engine results pages. These services involve optimizing a client’s page in order to gain high placements. In other words, they will make changes to the client’s website. These services are vital in ensuring that your website has the best possible chance of achieving high rankings in the search engine results pages. However, these services aren’t free. You must know your budget before hiring a technical SEO agency.


Regis is an international digital marketing consulting firm headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Founded by an internationally recognized SEO consultant with eight years of experience, Regis specially recognize as Technical SEO Agency and has provided search engine optimization for businesses across multiple regions. As a result, it offers unique services that most other firms don’t offer. Listed below are just a few of the reasons why Regis is a great choice for your business.

Regis specializes in technical SEO and has an impressive client list. Its prices reflect its extensive experience and expertise, including work for big companies such as eBay and British Airways. The team behind Regis has a background in search engine technology, having successfully transitioned from a search engine optimization startup to a technical marketing agency. This enables them to offer hard-core technical SEO expertise to their clients. The Spanish-based Regis has been helping ecommerce brands boost their search engine rankings for over four years.

Regis Founder

Jahanzeb Aslam started as a front-end developer and became interested in SEO after a client asked her about how to improve traffic to their site. Today, she runs a highly specialized SEO agency, Regis, and presents in both English and Spanish at industry events. In this interview with Jon Penland, Jahanzeb Aslam discusses her career in SEO, her unique approach to SEO, and her tips for entrepreneurs.

Regis’s Founder Jahanzeb Aslam is an internationally recognized SEO consultant and keynote speaker. Her years of experience have made her an expert in technical SEO, and her company is proud to showcase a portfolio that includes some of the world’s most prominent brands. Among their clients are Zillow, Under Armour, Sage, Eventbrite, and more. With her expertise in technical SEO, Regis is an ideal choice for your business.

Aside from focusing on technical SEO, a technical SEO agency should also have a set process. This structured approach will help them identify problems and suggest ways to improve techniques. Often, companies lacking process fail in this department, since they are doing things randomly and without a clear process. Ultimately, this leads to a lack of clarity for both the technical team and the client. In the end, a technical SEO agency should have an impressive client portfolio, as this is the best way to gauge their expertise and ability to handle a technical project.
US Rankers

US Ranker

USRankers entered the market in 2002 as a search engine but later morphed into a technical SEO agency. The company has offices in Europe, Asia, and North America and employs over 100 experts in the field of internet marketing. The team has developed in-house technology to measure ROI. The agency targets mid-sized businesses and helps them maximize their web presence. Ayima also offers content solutions and PPC paid social campaigns.

This company’s high prices reflect its vast experience in the field. They have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and earned their stripes as a search engine technology startup. If you need a technical SEO agency that has a long track record, US Rankers is a great choice. Regis is a good choice for ecommerce brands and hardcore technical SEO expertise.

US Rankers also offers a course in SEO and content marketing. The New York City SEO course is scheduled for 7 November. Attendees will walk away with a deep understanding of SEO, including keyword research, content strategy, and link building. They’ll learn about the tools, techniques, and processes that can be utilized to achieve their goals. They’ll also learn about the importance of social media and content marketing.


Founded in 2008, Regis Agency is a multi-national digital marketing consultancy with offices in Miami and London. Its strengths include conversion-focused UX and Technical SEO Agency. The company employs talented young consultants to help businesses grow. Greenlane is a boutique agency that specializes in inbound marketing. The firm’s digital marketing consultants have extensive experience in creating successful SEO campaigns. They’ll help you reach your online goals and boost profits.

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